California Storm Weather News: Live Updates

LOS ANGELES — A century ago, Los Angeles built what is still widely considered one of the most sophisticated urban flood control systems in the world, designed to contain water from major Pacific storms like those that recently hit the state. After a series of rains last week dumped up to nine inches of rain … Read more

Tent cities banned as more people lose their homes

As the number of people experiencing homelessness increases Across the country, more cities and states have passed laws making it illegal to live in tents and cars or sleep in public spaces. More than 100 jurisdictions have had such bans on the books for years, according to the National Homelessness Law Center. In recent months, … Read more

Missouri lawmakers adopt stricter dress code for women in state House

washington CNN — Missouri House of Representatives lawmakers this week adopted a stricter dress code for women as part of a new rules packand now requires them to cover their shoulders by wearing a jacket such as a blazer, cardigan or knitted blazer. The addition, which was proposed by Republican State Representative Ann Kelley, sparked … Read more