Google Discover rolls out three-column UI ahead of Pixel Tablet

Google has been optimizing your own applications with big screen optimizations since I/O 2022 and that should culminate with the Pixel Tablet. The latest update is a three-column UI for Google Discover on tablets. we have already shown how Google is updating Assistant and Discover for the Pixel Tablet. The latest change is already rolling … Read more

Cancelled D&D Beyond Subscriptions Forced Hasbro’s Hand

Illustration: vicky leta Dungeons & Dragons publisher, Wizards of the Coast, finally broke your silence about the game’s open play license on Friday, trying to calm down tensions in the D&D community and answer questions that were raised after Gizmodo broke the news on the contents of a draft document last week. In a message … Read more

Sephiroth and Kazuya Amiibo Are Now Available

Good news, Nintendo fans. One of gaming’s most iconic and popular characters is now available in one of gaming’s most popular and iconic collectibles. The Sephiroth amiibo is available for purchase now at amazon, Best buy, GameStopand Target. And for Kazuya fans, you can get him too. Where to buy the Sephiroth Amiibo Where to … Read more